1st March - 10th March 2018

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Joachim has painted and drawn for as long as he can remember. His first memory of street art dates back to the early 90's, when at of 6, he saw an old school graffiti piece in his home city Antwerp. It was on that day that he envisaged a future for himself as an artist. As a teenager, Joachim pursued his dream, attending art school and becoming hugely involved within the graffiti and street art scene, entering a whole new world. It was love at first sight and in the years that followed, he experimented with a number of different styles, drawing inspiration from pop art and other street artists. Eyes and teeth were the elements that gave shape to his characters and painting became his life. His rented workplace soon became his second home. Life as an artist wasn’t easy when he started out and so he decided to build his own canvases from materials he found on the street. This unique style eventually became his trademark. In his own words, "When I'm filthy, tired, and have nearly died a couple of times, that's when I know it's been a good day ..."

With multiple street art murals to his name, sell out prints and shows across Europe, Joachim has earnt his reputation within the urban art scene. He has managed to conquer a place of his own. Following on from last year’s sell out solo show at Huberty & Breyne Gallery, Brussels, 2018 marks the start of a new chapter with his debut London solo show ‘Born To Paint’ giving the people of London, and beyond, a very rare chance to see this artist’s latest body of work.

Taking its title from his overwhelming passion to paint, Joachim comments about his non-stop desire to paint and create... "Every second of the day I'm creating art, even if I'm not doing it ... I dream about it! You could even say that other commitments, such as buying food or paying bills, things that other people find normal, slows me down... if it was up to me I would never eat again... art is what I was born to do!".

Private View: Thursday 1st March, 18:30-22:00
(RSVP for entry)

Open Daily: Friday 2nd - Saturday 10th March, 10:00-18.30
(viewing by appointment outside of hours)

11 Dray Walk

The Old Truman Brewery

Brick Lane

London E1 6QL